The Theralogix Story
In 2002 a group of healthcare providers came together with prominent academic physicians and scientists and developed nutritional supplements that they trusted and could recommend to their patients.

Theralogix sets the standard for evidence-based nutritional supplements, trusted by physicians. Every product is independently tested and certified for content accuracy, product purity, and freedom from contaminants. MORE.


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Evidenced-based. Physician-trusted. Content-certified.

Independent Third Party Certification

Only Theralogix submits its full product line for independent, third party testing by the nation's first product certification program strictly for dietary supplements. NSF® International certifies all Theralogix supplements for content accuracy, product purity, and freedom from contaminants.

Learn more about NSF Certification.
Medical Advisory Board

The Theralogix Medical Advisory Board

Only Theralogix relies on a board of leading scientists and academic physicians from a variety of specialties to constantly monitor the latest research and to develop and reformulate products as the evidence evolves.

Learn more about our Medical Advisory Board.